MultiTrack Job Tracking

What is Multitrack

Multitrack is a web based application which allows multiple users to login and follow the progress of jobs and invoicing.
Multitrack can be accessed from the office, workshop, home or clients site via Laptop or Tablet tethered to your cellphone (1).

How does it benefit me

Imagine a central call center, booking jobs for service centers located around town or around the country.
A back office invoicing center, charging Auckland jobs from a Christchurch office.
Service staff collecting and updating jobs from their laptop, netbook or PDA on site or via a cellphone datalink (1).
With Multitrack, there is no need for expensive internet connections,
Multitrack will run on the cheapest of broadband or cellular connections (2).

But I have a pen and diary/whiteboard

Which is good for the holder of the diary, but no good for anyone else.
Invoicing can be overlooked as the diary does not have any reporting facilities.
A whiteboard is often not structured and can not be read/interpreted by anyone else.
A whiteboard does not have any reporting features.

Whats in it for me

If you run a company with three or more staff and require a system to keep track of staff,
jobs and invoicing, then Multitrack is the answer for you. There is no lump sum purchase cost,
just a low monthly hire fee.

What do I get from this service

What do I need to make this work

Any desktop, laptop, tablet or cellphone will work with Multitrack.
Multitrack uses the web browser in your PC, eg: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc...
There is no need to install special software.

Foot notes: (1) Wireless "Hotspots" are common place in most cities.
(2) Cellphone data plans start from $19 per month, available from Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees, etc.